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Excuse my lil legs, my tigers jaw deluxe package arrived today :-)

    Cosmic death.


to the many peeps that have been asking me where to thrift in Singapore, I’m sorry I have no idea, I got all of my vintages from Vietnam and Nepal :( however, there is one shop in particular that you might want to check out, which is song and song. They sell factory rejects, past season clothes, and occasionally dead stock from other countries at a really cheap price. I got this Chinese neck Adidas top there for a few bucks ( can’t remember how much exact though ),and i have found many awesome threads here, but you have to really dig in and try because the place is a mess haha. You can google the addresses, they have many different stores in Singapore. Sharing tips once in awhile so we all can get through the expensive lives in this tiny island 😂

    Poco importa poco amor o poca vida, no es tan malo. Lo que cuenta es observar las paredes yo nací para eso. Nací para robar rosas de las avenidas de la muerte.” 

    Yo he visto cosas que vosotros no creeríais: Naves de ataque en llamas más allá de Orión. He visto Rayos-C brillar en la oscuridad cerca de la puerta de Tannhäuser. Todos esos momentos se perderán en el tiempo; como lágrimas en la lluvia…, es hora de morir.



    (DES) APEGO.

    Mono - Unseen Harbor

    Mi odio por ti se compensa con el amor que siento a tus imperfecciones que generan mi descontento.


기로, A path2009

Net top from Naida 

    El único lugar donde desato todo mi odio es en la cama.